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Therapy Tonics & Provisions products are in compliance with California’s new stringent cannabis testing regulations, including new labeling and packaging standards, which are set to go into effect on July 1.

The date was established as the transition period deadline for which all cannabis products sold in California must meet new guidelines to provide adult consumers ages 21-and-older with information such as ingredients and batch numbers among other things.

A leading producer of drinks and tinctures, Therapy Tonics & Provisions offers cannabis products for a variety of discerning taste buds. Compliant beverages include its vanilla caramel cannabis coffee, Indian spiced chai cannabis latte, coconut matcha cannabis tea, cayenne Mexican mocha cannabis milk, semi-sweet cannabis espresso and chamomile mint cannabis luna tea.

With its compliance program firmly in place, Therapy Tonics & Provisions is ready to meet the needs of licensed dispensaries throughout San Diego County and around the Golden State.

“In my capacity as chair for the CCIA’s (California Cannabis Industry Association) manufacturing committee, I am acutely aware of challenges that all cannabis businesses have had to overcome just to meet the state’s emergency regulatory expectations that were released late last year,” said Coggan. “These emergency regulations continue to evolve and change almost weekly. We are anxious to see the adoption of permanent regulations, the first draft of which should be available for public comment in mid-July. Once permanent regulations are in place, the California cannabis industry will be in a better position to more aggressively seek practical regulation and statutory reassessment as a means to normalize our multi-billion-dollar industry and suppress the illicit market.”

That giant step officially begins on Sunday, July 1.

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