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Seven years in the making, our flagship product laid the foundation for all those that followed. This drink has a long history with us, a history that dates back to before Therapy even existed. The original formula finds its roots with another company, one that Therapy’s founders owned 60% of. That original sophmoric formulation, created by another, was never shared with the majority owners of that company (that would be us), even when great opportunities to move forward were presented. At that point, the third party basically took the money and ran, leaving us shit out of luck.

So after several years of feeling sorry for ourselves, and trying in vain to recover our investment, we basically got called out by my wife. “You are a Biochemist… You worked with a coffee roaster for 8 years… you owned a cafe that specialized in artisan coffee… stop complaining and figure it out yourself!” That was a eureka moment for us, and we spent the next several months working on a new formula. That formula, born in my kitchen,  went through aproximately 17 iterations, followed by dozens of production and quality-related improvements.

Now, we are happy to say that we have created the best tasting MMJ drinks available today, manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility. Our Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee remains the trailblazer and we have built all of our other flavors on the lessons we learned the hard way  – going all the way back to my home kitchen. Even now, over 7 years later, we are still refining the process, looking for ever better sources for our ingredients, and constantly improving our techniques.

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