There are just a few short months to wait, edible lovers. Starting in January, delicious and nutritious cannabis products, like our cannabis iced coffee and tea beverages, can finally be purchased and enjoyed by any Californian over the age of 21.

Keep in mind that with the dawn of legalization will come some significant changes to the way cannabis has been bought and sold in California for so many years. This is because there is a strict regulatory framework going into effect now to keep medical marijuana patients and new consumers safe, healthy, and in control – no matter where they buy their cannabis. Check the California Cannabis Portal for more information.

Of course, there will be some growing pains with the new system. There are several issues on the state level with licensing and inventory tracking, but nonetheless, we are expecting to see a finalized list of regulations and legal adult sales within the next 90 days. Luckily, we are on the front lines advocating for edible manufacturers, not just in our home of San Diego County, but all over our state.

We don’t know exactly how the chips will fall, but here’s what we know so far that we think you might find useful as a consumer of quality edibles.


The new legal cannabis market will be subject to new limitations on how much THC can be contained within one packaged edible product – only up to 100 milligrams. In addition, edible products must now be visually separated into consistent 10 milligram doses of THC, so that new consumers can easily control their cannabis experience.

The good news is that Therapy Tonics beverages have always been a consistent 80mg THC, with a dosage meter right on the side of the bottle. You can trust that we’ll stay compliant with the new potency caps so everyone can experience the joy of Therapy.