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Our vision is to put the power of dosing in the hands of the consumer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative, healthy alternatives to traditional ways of consuming marijuana for medical and therapeutic purposes that are great-tasting and delivered in a consistent and measurable way, every time. In order to achieve this goal, we commit to these five guiding principles:

2. Consistency in Dosing

We work tirelessly to improve consistency, ensuring that every one of our customers can depend on our visual dosing system for the perfect personal dosage, every time.

1. Quality & Taste

We use the best ingredients we can effectively source to create the most healthy, natural, best tasting drinks and edibles on the market for you.

3. Education & Advocacy

We believe that education is the key to reaching new consumers, while also reaffirming that Cannabis can enrich your life in more ways than just getting high. We are committed to helping consumers find their use for Cannabis to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Feedback & Evolution

As the Cannabis industry moves forward, so does Therapy. With the help of our customers we have been able to evolve our products to suit your needs, while staying ahead of the curve!

5. Communication & Transparency

Transparency is the key to growing any successful company within the California Cannabis Industry. We strive to be as open and detailed with our consumers as possible to keep them informed on all things Therapy!

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