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A little goes a long way.

 The best flavors start with the best ingredients. We use 100% real lemon extract, and a combination of other natural flavors and terpenes chosen strategically to embolden your experience. Additionally, Xylitol is endorsed by  the American Dental Association because it actually kills the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay.

Serving Sizes:

Volume:             16 OUNCE | 475ML

Potency:            CBD: <2MG  |  THC: 100MG

Servings:            10 Servings

Serving Size:     7 Capfuls (1.6 oz)

Potency/Serv:  CBD: 0MG  |  THC: 10MG

Nutritional Information:

Calories/Serving:    9.5

Carbohydrates:        1.6g

   -Sugar (Xylitol):      1.0g

Sodium:                     0.5mg

Total Fat: .                  0.4g

Caffeine:                    8.5mg


Distilled Water, Organic Xylitol, Organic Lemon Concentrate, Cannabis Distillate, Lecithin,  Acacia Gum, Organic Natural Flavors

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