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Serving Sizes:

Volume:             16 OUNCE | 475ML

Potency:            CBD: <2MG  |  THC: 100MG

Servings:            10 Servings

Serving Size:     7 Capfuls (1.6 oz)

Potency/Serv:  CBD: 0MG  |  THC: 10MG

Nutritional Information:

Calories/Serving:    9.5

Carbohydrates:        1.6g

   -Sugar (Xylitol):      1.0g

Sodium:                     0.5mg

Total Fat: .                  0.4g

Caffeine:                    8.5mg


Distilled Water, Evaporated Virgin Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Chamomile Tea, Organic Peppermint Tea, Oragnic Xylitol, Full-plant Cannabis Concentrate,  Xanthan Gum, Organic Natural Flavors

A little goes a long way.

Our nighttime tea is a great way to end the day. German-grown  whole flower Chamomile provides for herbaceous floral notes delivered in a creamy coconut milk complimented by an indica-dominant whole plant infusion and finished with peppermint.

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